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Patient Testimonials

Ben Hanson, age 35, has been a patient for 7 years

        Seen for: Many years of playing rugby and lifting weights

I first met Dr. Brian while lifting at the local weight room. I had told him about the problems that I suffer with while playing rugby and competing in strong man competitions. He said that he could help me. At first I was very skeptical about Chiropractic. After about a year of suffering from lower back pain and other injuries I decided to go and see Dr. Brian and tried to keep an open mind. I felt that I knew a lot
about the human body and how it works.

Since seeing Dr. Brian I have had great changes to my body and overall health. My range of motion in my neck, upper back and lower back has increased greatly. I suffered with chronic sinus problems that are not an issue anymore. I guess when you think that the entire body is controlled by the nervous system, no wonder Chiropractic can help with such a wide spectrum of problems.

I continue with wellness care every two weeks. My advice to any one that is skeptical about Chiropractic.
What have you got to lose. Just do it!

Kaitlin Umland, age 20, has been a patient of KVC for 2 years

        Seen For: Digestive Issues

When I was 15 years old I dislocated a vertebrae in my neck during a gymnastics meet. I have had pain in my neck and upper back ever since. I also deal with digestive problems, which I have seen many different doctors and they have not been able to diagnose or help me with my condition. After coming to KVC my neck pain started to decrease greatly and have noticed that my digestive problems
have become less and less since I started treatment. After about six months of treatment I noticed a decrease in neck, upper back and digestive problems.

I currently come in for wellness care to keep my body functioning well. I can’t believe how the body works as a whole and how chiropractic care can treat all of the body symptoms, not just the bones and muscles.

Jeanne Pratt, age 73, has been a patient for 2 years

        Seen For: Numbness and Tingling in arms and low back

Prior to seeing Dr. Brian I was experiencing pain in my neck, shoulders and lower back for years constantly. I was referred to Dr. Brian by another patient of who experienced great success with his method of chiropractic care. Dr. Brian explained what was going on with my nervous system. He adjusted my spine and performed muscle work and electrical stimulation. Dr. Brian gave me stretching and strengthening exercises to do which helped me stay more fit. My symptoms have lessened and I can walk better and do more activities with much less pain. I leave there feeling wonderful! Thanks Dr. Brian you are an angel!

Heather Elbe, age 20, has been a patient for 2 years

        Seen For: Whiplash from auto accident

I started seeing Dr. Brian after I was involved in a car accident. Following the accident I had a lot of pain in my neck and upper back. It made it very difficult to stand or sit for a long period of time. Weeks after the accident I started experiencing headaches and trouble sleeping at night. After I started seeing Dr Brian for about 3 months for chiropractic care I was virtually pain free. I don’t have to take Advil
throughout the day and can do whatever I want without feeling any discomfort. Thanks Dr. Brian!

I continue coming in for wellness care due to my active lifestyle. I work and go to college full-time, so exercising isn’t a top priority and getting adjusted regularly helps my body function at its optimal ability.

Julie Sprafka, age 50, has been a patient for 8 years

        Seen For: Neck pain and Tingling in arms and hands

After suffering with a stiff and painful neck over the past few years, I came into see Dr. Brian because I have heard good things about him. My back was very stiff and everyday was a struggle to do everyday activities and to get through work. I was taking Advil daily and after a while it didn’t help any of the symptoms.

It was only after a couple of visits seeing Dr. Brian I had already gained mobility and was experiencing less pain. Each week after seeing him I improved more. I currently see Dr. Brian twice a month and stay pain free. I found out after a flare up I heal much faster. I also noticed that I don’t get sick nearly as much as I use to. I have learned that the nervous system controls the entire body including the immune
system. Thanks to chiropractic care I am able to stay pain free and feel healthier than I ever have. Thank you so much Dr. Brian!

Mike Jacobson, age 40, has been a patient for 3 years

        Seen For: Wellness Care

I started to see Dr. Brian for pro-active care or wellness care. I had been told by some other friends that see Chiropractors regularly that they stay so much healthier when they are adjusted regularly. A good friend of mine told me about Dr. Brian and said he does wellness care at his clinic.

When I first started to see Dr. Brian I told him that I suffer with arthritic attacks periodically. He introduced me to OPC supplements for inflammation. I have been taking them for the past year and haven’t had one attack since. I also have a ton more energy and feeling so much healthier that I thought I could. Thanks to Dr. Brian I am living a high energy healthy lifestyle.

John McAleavy, age 45, has been a patient for 9 years

        Seen For: Low Back Pain

I started seeing Dr. Brian nine years ago for lower back pain. My back was bothering me so much that it was hurting my production at work. I had a hard time walking and performing my duties.

Chiropractic has made it so I can sleep at night and walk without pain. I am so happy I went to see Dr. Brian. He also works on other areas of your body other than your spine such as your ankles and knees. I continue to see Dr. Brian on wellness care every two weeks. Wellness care has helped me stay physically active and healthier than I would be if I didn’t come.

Fred Volkmann, age 68, has been a patient for 3 years

        Seen For: Neck Pain

One night I woke up from severe neck pain in the middle of the night. I went to the emergency room and left with no relief. The next day I found Dr. Brian in the phone book and went to see him. Dr. Brian eliminated the pain and I was able to function again, I felt great. Dr. Brian told me about wellness care and why it’s important to be adjusted regularly. Since your nervous system controls everything in your
body it made perfect sense.

I continue seeing Dr. Brian under wellness care every two weeks. It’s helped me live a more physical and healthier life style. I know when I go to an appointment I will leave feeling much better. Thanks Dr. Brian.

Kelly Ellenberger, age 26, has been a patient for 1 year

        Seen For: Headaches and Sinus Issues

Prior to seeing Dr. Brian I was experiencing frequent headaches, neck, shoulder and sinus issues. The frequency and severity of the headaches were making me miserable. I wasn’t sleeping and was having trouble with concentrating at school. I was taking Advil daily as if it were candy.

Since seeing Dr. Brian for Chiropractic treatments, I have notice an immense decrease in the frequency and severity of my headaches. It is wonderful to not have to take Advil everyday. I have gained range of motion in my neck and shoulders. It is wonderful to be able to look over your shoulder to see if traffic is coming.

I continue to see Dr. Brian for wellness care because of the changes that I have seen and experienced with my own body. Overall I feel much better and have realized that Chiropractic care is a proactive investment in my personal health.

Kathy Shultz, age 48, has been a patient for 7 years

        Seen For: Neck and Shoulder Issues

I started to see Dr. Brian around seven years ago for neck pain. I had problems with turning my head from side to side. My job is very tough on my body, so I needed something to help with the discomfort and pain. Chiropractic was able to help me regain my range of motion in my neck and allow me to function at work without any discomfort. After I get adjusted I feel so much better and have so much
more mobility in my entire body. The Chiropractic treatments also helped me with my asthma.

I continue seeing Dr. Brian under wellness care. Wellness care has allowed me to continue working and doing the things that I love to do without being in pain and paying the price the next day. I owe Dr. Brian for helping me live a pain free and healthier life style.

Jaime Hanson, age 30, has been a patient for 1.5 year

        Seen for: Wellness Care

I started to go and see Dr. Brian because my husband was seeing him and he suggested I start incorporating Chiropractic into my training program. The first thing I learned was that my nervous system controls all are organs, blood vessels and cell in our entire body. I thought that was pretty amazing.

After the first adjustment I could tell the difference. I felt in tune with my entire body. Chiropractic care has been a huge benefit to my triathlon training and of course, my daily activity. I have less injuries and I recover so much faster than before I started Chiropractic.

Wellness care has been great. I notice that I don’t get sick or feel run down from the everyday struggles of life. All I can say is Chiropractic Rocks!